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It’s not official yet, but there are increasing rumours that Mitsubishi Motors may launch an electric car on the Australian auto market sometime next year. As competition hots up in the green vehicle race, and with consumers more and more concerned about environmental issues and reducing their carbon footprint, the i MiEV (innovative Mitsubishi electric vehicle) is being talked up by Mitsubishi’s Australian President and CEO Robert McEniry.

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It seems that Mitsubishi has sensed the eco friendly wind that is blowing with increasing strength through our country. In particular, as noted in a previous article on this website, Change in Direction for Fleet Cars, corporate Australia is anxious to reduce its green house emissions under the restrictions introduced by the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act. As a consequence, environmentally friendly hybrid vehicles and electric cars and trucks are emerging as a winner, not lonely with private individuals wishing to buy a green car for personal use, but also as the latest trend in fleet vehicles.

Whilst hybrid cars harness the carbon neutral plus of an electric motor with the polluting minus of a petrol engine, thus softening the environmental impact though not erasing it completely, an electric vehicle requires no petrol at all. Electric cars run on a large battery and simply need to be charged regularly. The Mitsubishi i MiEV should go about 160 kilometres between recharge stops and take a mere 8 hours plugged into the average power point (or a night in the garage) to top up.

Like the Indian produced Reva G Wiz, which is turning out to be a popular eco friendly transport choice in traffic clogged cities like London, where motorists are increasingly worried about green issues, the i MiEV is being seen as ideal for the stop/start commuting prevalent in Australia’s major cities. And not only is it great for the planet. An added bonus is that being a compact, neat little 4-seater, it should be a breeze to park in congested city streets.

It looks as though, one way or another, the future in motoring is green vehicles. The hybrid vehicle is gaining a foothold and the electric car is coming and may soon be a common sight on our roads.
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