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Prius leads the way for Australian made Hybrid Camry.
The Toyota car company has a well-established foothold in the Australian car market, so with the increasing demand for green vehicles it makes sense that the motor manufacturer should come to the table with an environmentally friendly car and is made on Australian soil. Toyota has already tested green car success with its ‘Hybrid Synergy Drive' technology, which has proven a strong selling point in the Toyota Prius. Indeed, the Toyota Prius is one of only a handful of green cars to receive the full five stars from the Green Vehicle Guide, which has undoubtedly added to the growing demand for the hybrid vehicle from Australian consumers.

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Toyota seems to be well aware of the average Australian's growing interest in eco-friendly technology and consumers' desire to reduce their carbon footprint. A sign that it hopes to capitalize on this whilst maintaining its share of the local car market came the unveiling of the Hybrid Camry Concept Vehicle at the Melbourne International Motor Show earlier this year. This new Hybrid Camry Concept Vehicle was both designed and built by Toyota Style Australia, so it is fair to expect it to have a distinctly Australian edge.

Furthermore, in June 2008 Toyota announced that it would, from the start of next year, begin producing a hybrid model of the Camry Sedan right here in Australia, thus making it the first hybrid car to be not only available in Australian car showrooms, but also manufactured on these shores. It is interesting that this decision to make the hybrid vehicle here in Australia appears to have come from dialogue between Toyota and both the Victorian State and Federal governments. Perhaps this shows that the goal posts really have moved at both a local and national level and the need for lower carbon emissions and, at the forefront of that, green vehicles, has gained an important place on the political agenda.

Certainly, the high demand for the Prius has fuelled its own evolution in the Toyota car stable. The Melbourne International Motor Show also saw the vehicle producer show off the next baby in the Prius hybrid car family – an all-new, third generation Prius. This latest Prius holds the highly attractive promise of even less fuel consumption – something that will make all environment–loving motorists smile. In addition, Toyota claims to have done this whilst actually boosting the hybrid car's overall performance. The proof of the pudding will be in the eating and we shouldn't have to wait too long to try this particular treat, with Toyota planning to roll out the new-look Prius at the end of the Australian summer.
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