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Stacking up the Focus Hybrid vs Toyota's Prius
Ford is making big waves in the annual car show circuit with its 2010 edition of the Focus, whose hybrid and petrol variants are both at the top of the fuel efficiency game as measured by Ford's testing laboratories. Car observers are saying this is currently Ford's best-ever green vehicle due for release.

Measuring up the Ford focus agaisnt the Prius may seem unfair to some car owners, who argue that the Ford is in a another class altogether and should be compared to the Camry instead. Still, the Ford certainly more than meets the expectations of a lot of drivers when it comes to the actual road experience and the vehicle's creature comforts.

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One really cool feature about the Ford Focus is its airconditioning system, which is powered by the electric motor. That means you can cool off your car even with the engine off, and you can be assured that your power consumption will be as low as possible with advances in the air and ambient noise sealing introduced in the car's cabin.

The best thing about the Focus comes out during the driving: on the road its two engines working in tandem gains faster than a Prius thanks to larger output from its engines. A low height clearance from the road and a lightweight body offers solid road feel as the Focus purrs along.

Amongst green vehicles in its class, the new Ford Focus hybrid has superior smoothness, thanks to improved software that coordinates when the lectric engine stops and the petrol engine comes on. You'll save on petrol bills once this green vehicle reaches domestic dealer showrooms.

There's plenty of nifty features to improve aerodynamics and safety on the Focus Hybrid. For example, the especially-designed wheel spokes become neutral to wind drag when turning above a certain speed. The same effect happens with the closed version on the front grille (check out the fresh-looking grille on the petrol-only version). Ford has installed a streamlined dashboard indicator panel to give immediate feedback on fuel-efficient driving, and an exclusive blind-siding alert system.

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