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The Reva Conundrum
Cheap to buy, economical to run and so fuel-efficient that it doesn't even need any. Why aren't the roads of Australia teeming with the Indian made Reva G Wiz? It seems a bit of a no brainer really. At a time when everyone is talking about the environment and looking of ways to 'go green' and with petrol prices constantly fluctuating and everyone panicking that supplies are running out, an electric car seems like the perfect solution. And the G Wiz's green credentials are not it's only assets. It's fully automatic and sits 2 adults in the front and 2 children in the back in comfort. The vehicle runs on a battery which recharges at any 15 amp power outlet, but if you still of the battery operated car as the poor relation of it's petrol swilling cousins, think again. The Reva version comes complete with air con and a couple of computers. Not bad for a car you have to plug in.

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So what's the catch? Well, what exactly is it? Australia has hit a major stumbling block in trying to categorise the environmentally- friendly little car. The main issue seems to be whether it should be classed as a quadricycle (quad bike), or a car. The main issue with labelling it as a car is that the Reva fails to meet Australian crash standards and so is considered unfit for our roads. In Europe, the solution has been to give the G Wiz it's own category and that could be the way things will go here too. It has been reported that the WA Government is considering a trial for ZEV-Lite (Zero Emission Vehicles – Lite Weight), a category which would be a natural home for the Reva. However, actually implementing such a plan seems to be a long way down the track.

Which seems a shame, as other cities have embraced the energy-efficient vehicle whilst using much less red tape. In London the low emissions car is being seen as a godsend in the grid locked traffic of it's choked streets. Being small in size and having a cruising speed of 50-60 km/h, it's a nippy little city runabout and is being marketed as such in the UK. Indeed, the G Wiz is not even liable for road tax in the UK, as it is classified as a zero emissions vehicle. Maybe one day it will have the same drawcard in Australia.
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