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Buying Green Vehicles

When you're trading in an old model for a new vehicle, consider the cost of acquiring a new vehicle, and how many miles you'll need to drive for your potential fuel savings to pay off the added cost of a green vehicle. Based on this criterion, it might be better for you to buy a fuel-efficient conventional vehicle than a hybrid or electric car. All the same, manufacturers are coming up with more-efficient and less costly vehicle models the whole time.

Budget Direct Insurance

Make a list of the features you need in your vehicle, and match them to the closest vehicle that comes up on the market. Larger vehicles can carry more people and cargo and drive on the motorway, but will definitely burn more fuel and release more emissions than a mini. Monitor your fuel consumption for a month or more to determine your fuel requirements, which will let you note how much money a certain fuel rating can save you.

One more thing to think about when buying vehicles are the stamp rate reductions offered for lower-emissions or hybrid vehicles, compared to the higher tax rates on utes and other large vehicles. Tax rates also differ between different fuel classes, weighing down on high-end models versus more basic models.

You can start researching further on the Internet, or begin visiting car shows and ask family and friends for tips on the most efficient and economical green vehicles.
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