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Citroen C3 Reviews

Citroen C3 – the distinct styling sets it apart from all the other minis already in the market, but this French model brakes a little too eagerly. Still, it has plenty of pluses: collapsing the second row creates a roomy cargo space, riding is smooth and well-cushioned for its size, a bevy of standard equipment like automatic locks and all-sides airbags, and a 1.4 litre engine.
Citroen C3: the C3 does similar wonders for Citroen what the Punto and Fiat 500 has done for the Italians. Under its daring curves, the C3 can load up much more than its competitors, thanks to a rear suspension that doesn't encroach on storage. Driving height compares well to small 4WDs. Front seatbelts are height-adjustable, as is the driver's seat. The steering wheel is reorientable in two dimensions, height and reach.

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Standard equipment for all editions include power front windows, airconditioning, surround stereo with six speakers, cloth trimming and central lock control. The C3 is reputed to have a solid, durable body structure.

Driving: the C3 makes you pay for the fuel economy by giving out relatively low power, which makes catching up with other vehicles a challenge except for the fact of city traffic. The power steering is light and easy for parking and tight manouevring. Cruising on the open road however, the engine is constant once powered, with a faster warm-up time compared to most vehicles. The fuel economy and larger headroom and cargo space makes it a choice for those travelling long-distance.

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Steering is less than ideal, as the turning radius is wider than the norm for small vehicles. Otherwise, uneven roads are no event with the C3. Despite the thick front pillars, which are necessary for good crash safety ratings, they are set away from the front and the windscreen curves back, giving you unimpeded front visibility.

Standard safety gear on the C3 includes dual front and side airbags and seatbelt pretensioners. The anti lock brake system with brake force spread comes on the Exclusive, and only the automatic Exclusive comes with climate control.

Vehicle security is the C3's biggest draw, with features like an immobiliser, a remote controlled locking unit and automatic door relock if you leave it undone for a time.
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