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Driving well- Driving green vehicles for maximum effect

Getting a green vehicle is just the start of an enviromentally-conscious decision for your set of wheels. How well you drive and maintain your vehicle will play a large part in keeping your emissions down. Read on below to find driving tips for green vehicles:

Green Driving Tips

1. Avoid putting a heavy foot on the gas, as this results in much more emissions than a steady driving pace. Stepping on the gas pedal all the way will burn more fuel inefficiently, thus creating more carbon monoxide gas and exhaust. Try to keep inside your road's speed limit.

2. Avoid stop-and-go driving. Look out ahead for coming stops and let your vehicle slow down to meet them. You'll save on wasted gas and premature wear on your brakes, and minimise air pollution from your engine.

3. Try to set out for errands or trips outside of peak hours. Combine short trips into a circuit to complete your errands and minimise emissions in one go. Instead of carrying one person at a time, a green car can take in two or more in a carpool system.

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4. Unload your vehicle. Carrying around an extra bundle of 50 kilos reduces fuel economy by one percent, so start clearing out your boot now.

5. Before turning on the AC, try to cool off by opening your windows. AC operation burns more fuel and increases pollutant emissions in some models.

6. Because of their design, new vehicle models don't need to warm up and therefore you won't need to step on the gas as you start the engine.

7. Park your vehicle in the shade to cool the air inside and use a garage in case of cold weather, to reduce your heating needs.

Maintaining your vehicle's green rating

Keep your tires inflated at the right pressure to make them last longer and maintain fuel efficiency. You'll find the information label glued inside the driver's door frame or your owner's manual. Check your tire's air pressure regularly and again before going on long drives or carrying heavy cargo. Check your vehicle's fuel economy every month, and you'll get advanced warning if your engine or brakes are not working right. Getting a tune-up, aligning your wheels and rotating your tires, will also increase your fuel efficiency.

Keep an eye for your vehicle's emission control system's alerts. If they light up on your instrument panel, have your vehicle checked and serviced.
Driving Green Vehicle Guide
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