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Fiat 500 Reviews

Fiat 500 – its retro looks may be the first thing that catches your eye, but under the bonnet, a choice of three new-generation small engines meets European Union standards, and runs from zero to a hundred in ten to twelve seconds. It's setting out months-long waiting lists in Europe and Mexico as well. Three versions are available: basic Pop, the flashier Sport and the sunroof-equipped Lounge.
Fiat 500: the European car of the year for 2007 faithfully echoes the original contours of the Cinquecentro five decades on, although it's larger and roomier for modern space requirements. You can fold the rear seats to make room for surfboards and other bulky stuff. Drivers of above-average heights will find the 500's front seat a joy.

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The Fiat 500 is the cheapest among European vintage cars, but Korean and Japanese models in its size range are priced cheaper. Updating on the old version, the engine is now under the bonnet instead of out back. Basic pricing is low but additional options will up the price well enough to place it in the upscale vintage market.

Drivers will be assured by its seven airbags, anti-lock brakes and stability control, which wins the New Car Assessment Program's highest possible crash safety rating. All seats get lap seatbelts and flexible headrests. The back seats on the Fiat 500 rate fully for child safety.

Hybrid Electric Cars Fuel Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Cars
Hybrid Electric Cars Fuel Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Cars
On the most popular 1.4 litre petrol engine, the zero to 100 time has been tested at 10.7 seconds, pretty good for its class. For the budget-conscious, the 1.2 litre engine may plod along at 12 seconds for the same acceleration, but you'll travel a long way on a full tank.

Driving: the steering installed on the Fiat 500 makes the feedback on the driver's end a tad too soft, but there's a sport steering button on the dashboard which will bring back a more conventional feel. The Fiat 500's light weight makes it bounce a bit when it's just you and an empty cargo hold. Still, the steering grip is dependable and overall turning is responsive and tight at 9.3 metres.

Music buffs will definitely appreciate the inclusion of an MP3 USB port in between the seats, plus the sound-optimum cabin interior and the polished buttons on the console.

Many will be looking at the Fiat 500 for the sheer range of accessory choices, with colour schemes to match the chic interior cabin and exterior paint. You can even choose the colour for your key fob!
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