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Fiat Punto Reviews

Fiat Punto – the lowest-priced of the group, the petrol-using Punto has sleek body styling reminiscent of the Maserati, and is relaxed in terms of power output, gaining high marks in emissions control and fuel consumption instead. It sports good steering and parkability, Italian fabric trim, excellent visibility from the driver's seat and bright headlamps.
Fiat Punto: this car brought the Fiat marque back into Australia after an absence of sixteen years, and has branched out into diesel, petrol and turbocharged versions. It's easily the most stylish offer on the Australian small car market.

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Inside, the interiors are straightforward and severe, contrary to its classically Italian body modeling. Tall drivers won't have trouble adjusting the steering wheel and height-adjustable seats (also works for smaller drivers), and ample legroom is provided. The seat design though may leave a driver feeling disjointed, and roadside visibility is reduced by the thick front pillars.

A 4-speaker option for the CD/radio with twitters will give your Punto surround sound that's hard to beat.

Hybrid Electric Cars Fuel Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Cars
Hybrid Electric Cars Fuel Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Cars
Driving: on the Turbo edition, you get plenty of lag time between the time you step on the pedal when the tachometre goes below 2000 rpm, and the awaited response, which would be a killer in stop-and-go traffic and for lane crossings too. All editions can zip from rest to a hundred in less than ten seconds, and the suspension ensures a firm and well-balanced ride. On the open road, the Punto reveals its strongest point, with smooth gear changes and automatic shifting for stops. If you wish to adjust your steering experience for light loads, simply use the CITY setting.

Like the 500, the Punto rates 5 out of 5 on the Euro-based New Car Assessment Program for crash safety ratings. Only the basic Active package leaves out side and curtain airbags, and all are sensor-equipped to adjust their release based on the severity of impact.

Standard equipment even on the base edition includes electric windows and control-adjustable wing mirrors, a trip computer, ABS, front airbags and three point seatbelts for every seat. Airconditioning comes with the Dynamic package.
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