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Fiat Ritmo Reviews

Fiat Ritmo – entering the five-door hatch segment, the Ritmo comes in two flavours: Emotion and Sport. Its petrol engine takes only a little over 8 seconds from rest to a hundred kilometres per hour, and has airbags and a hill-locking function to keep it from rolling backwards on slopes. The Ritmo is available using 1.4 litre petrol and 1.9 litre turbo-charged diesel engines.
Fiat Ritmo: known elsewhere as the Bravo, this compact 5-door opens up to a roomy cabin, and outside, the headlights wink and flow into the bold paneling. The exterior has been compared to that of the Maserati, oddly athletic with pert rear bumps. The sports car aura extends inside, with dash finishes reminiscent of weaving. The Ritmo even has a glass roof option for extended sightseeing. For cargo needs, the rear hatchback takes you to a deep load area worth 1175 litres max.

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On the safety front, although the Ritmo comes out with five stars thanks to all-around airbags with impact sensors for appropriate deployment. However, to keep prices down, stability control is available only as an after-market option for all but the most expensive editions. Wheels are covered with ABS and Traction control, and a Hill Holder function, allowing you to park on inclines.

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Driving: the power-assisted steering takes the work out of parking, but leaves the Ritmo feeling sluggish at other times. A dashboard setting helps to bring more control and response back into the steering wheel. An overboost button on the dash does give you faster zero to 100 acceleration and a more exciting drive. The Ritmo handles corners well, but the overall drive experience is outdone by other vehicles in its class. The Ritmo incorporates soundproofing mechanisms in its cabin, and the solid body shell eliminates most audible vibrations. The audio is good, but the instrument panel can be hard to read in various conditions.

The Sport edition brings more fun into the Ritmo with a USB port for MP3 players and memory sticks, plus Bluetooth connectivity. The Ritmo's performance is often compared to the VW Golf, and this Fiat lags in steering, and to a lesser extent in power and torque. However, the average price compares well, and if you prefer a metallic finish on a stylish body, the Ritmo is your car.
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