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Toyota Prius Reviews

Toyota Prius – Under Australian Government Standard tests, this vehicle drove 100 kilometres with 4.4 litres using the combined cycle (simulated driving conditions). One full tank can take you over one thousand kilometres. This mainstream hybrid pioneer comes in the base and the i-Tech, which features a keyless entry system and a central control LCD screen. The Prius is most often compared to Honda's Civic in terms of interior room, road handling and fuel efficiency, and works best as a city car.
Toyota Prius: this award-winning model is the first electric/gas hybrid released on the general market, and needs no charging up, as the electricity is supplied from regenerative brakes and the normal operation of its gas turbines. The sturdy chassis provides the platform for a spacious cabin that comes with a highly-regarded range of standard equipment. You get to cut emissions in half versus comparable cars.

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While the mileage you can get on this car is definitely eye-popping at first, turning on the airconditioning will cut the value in half.

While many might not rave about the box-like contours on the outside of the Prius, the utilitarian approach means that windscreens are wide-open and spells practically no blindspots for the driver. Toyota has kept most of its goodies on the inside.

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Driving: disconcertingly, the Prius shuts down completely when you pause at intersections, but simply step on the gas pedals and the electric motor automatically brings back your vehicle to life. When accelerating, both engines will work in tandem, and only a shudder as internal combustion joins in. Starting it up is supremely user-friendly: just turn in the key, place the transmission in drive, and the Prius hums off. The adjustable steering wheel and seat conveys comfort to the Prius driver.

Acceleration is the biggest issue with the Prius, as it lets up around the 45 mark, making your zero to 60 zoom a 12 second affair.

Audio controls are another feature that's slightly off, as the shape of the shift gets in the way of some buttons, but the radio and cd player works perfectly.

If you're going to get the newest Prius, take heart as it now prices lower than the original 2001 international release model.
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